🇺🇸Overview of email evidence of crimes committed by the Biden family 🇩🇪Übersicht der E-Mailbeweise für Verbrechen der Familie Biden


Autor: Mild Seven, Himalaya Friends Germany

🇺🇸The organization of the New Federal State of China „G-Translators“ has published a series of emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Here is the overview of the English reports. The list is constantly updated:

🇩🇪Die Organisation des Neuen Bundesstaates China „G-Translators“ haben eine Reihe von E-Mails aus dem Laptop von Hunter Biden veröffentlicht.

Hier ist die Übersicht der englischen Berichte. Die Liste wird ständig aktualisiert:

EMail 1https://gnews.org/497989/About AK Burisma
EMail 2https://gnews.org/498050/Democratic donor Bill Bartmann promised to support Hunter Biden Unconditionally
EMail 3https://gnews.org/498588/Hunter Biden’s partner Devon Archer invites the firm’s Partner Heather King to join Burisma
EMail 4https://gnews.org/498752/Devon Archer reported to Hunter about the itinerary of Burisma’s executives to US,Mexico and Kazakhstan
EMail 5https://gnews.org/4990754/22/2014 Hunter Biden partner Devon Archer reported about the registration info of Burisma in Cyprus
EMail 6https://gnews.org/499296/Burisma’s internal email shows Secret Service officers to join the Kazakhstan trip
EMail 7https://gnews.org/499206/5/15/2014 Chairman of the Board of Directors of Burisma, coordinates the appointment of former Polish President Kwasniewski & schedule strong line up of interviews defending Burisma
EMail 8https://gnews.org/499545Vadim Pozharskyi ,director of Burisma calls Company executives to arrange PR emails to AP, WSJ
EMail 9https://gnews.org/500348/5/17/2014 James J. Bulger one of the founders of Thornton emailed to Jack Owen updating the status of their China WFOE
EMail 10https://gnews.org/5007488/04/2015 Francis Person, a former aide to Vice President Joe Biden, sent a letter to Hunter asking if he could confirm the trip to Hainan, China
EMail 11https://gnews.org/500705Hunter Biden joining Burisma’s board triggered press attention, & Devon Archer emailed to a local lawyer, a partner at New York based law firm, copied to Hunter Biden reminding to be aware
EMail 12https://gnews.org/501126/05/26/2015 Vadim Pozharskyi, member of the board of directors of Burisma, addressed a letter asked if they could accept an invitation to a trip to Norway
EMail 13https://gnews.org/501195/8/25/2015 Vadim Pozharskyi emailed Hunter Biden, Joan Mayer and Devon Archer,asking for Hunter’s approval on some print design & his flight preference
EMail 14https://gnews.org/501323/3/6/2014 Devon Archer writes to Hunter Biden that he is reaching out to the owner of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma looking for opportunities. But for now the priority remains Bohai
EMail 15https://gnews.org/501094/6/19/2015 Vadim Pozharskyi emailed Hunter Biden; Devon Archer, asking their delivery address for the framed Cyprus BoD meeting photo
EMail 16https://gnews.org/501290/5/14/2012 Kathy Chung, the director of Scheduling at US Senator Mark Udall, following up on Hunter Biden’s job offering
EMail 17https://gnews.org/501904/5/7/2014 Vadym Pozharskyi wrote to Devon Archer & Hunter Biden to discuss the timing & content of the meetings during their upcoming visit to Kazakhstan
EMail 18https://gnews.org/501888/5/5/2014 Jeff Cooper,another business partner (involved in a joint business deal between Pemex and Burisma) emailed Hunter & asked whether his father Joe Biden would come to the meeting
EMail 19https://gnews.org/502564/5 May 2014 Devon Archer wrote to Vadym Pozharskyi and Hunter Biden to discuss the reasons why gas plans have been blocked
EMail 20https://gnews.org/502649/7/23/2015 Devon Archer’s email to Vadim Pozharskyi asking for Norway trip travel details for Hunter Biden so that the Secret Service can be notified
EMail 21https://gnews.org/502762/4/17/2015 Vadym in Washington DC thanked Hunter for introducing him to meet his father, the Vice President Joe Biden
EMail 22https://gnews.org/502962/What is the relationship between Burisma founder Nikolai and Hunter Biden?
EMail 23https://gnews.org/503429/An expected meeting in Europe on May 7 or 9,2014 to discuss Burisma and a visit in Kiev
EMail 24https://gnews.org/503470/6/7/2015 Joe Biden’s Deputy counsel Alexander S. Mackler provided Hunter Biden with the phone numbers of cabinet ministers attending the meeting
EMail 25https://gnews.org/503804/17/5/2014 Lawyer King wrote to Hunter and others coaching them not to respond to inquiries and PR related questions from media
EMail 26https://gnews.org/504650/3/6/2019 How Hunter Biden Transfers His Money
EMail 27https://gnews.org/504848/Jim Biden wrote to Hunter Biden asking if he is interested in deal with Mexican oil company Pemex
EMail 28https://gnews.org/505582/3/5/2019 Hunter Biden emailed Katie Dodge, his personal assistant regarding opening a new bank account
EMail 29https://gnews.org/505819/21/4/2014 Hunter Biden replied to Devon Archer regarding the Burisma and BHR China meeting and other issues
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